Outfit Appreciation Post [Supreme Flame T]

Thursday, 8 February 2018

I can see myself posting a lot of posts like this, and instead of calling them a lookbook, because they aren't really a lookbook, I have given these posts a whole completely new name, 'Outfit Appreciation Posts', I believe this is a better name compared to a lookbook.

So as my first official Outfit Appreciation Post, and my third in a whole of what I have done previously, I have one of my friends, who I may say has such a unique sense of style, so I had to feature her on my blog to share with you guys her authentic outfit. It is an all-black outfit, but she managed to work it and make it look casual but eccentric. In a way I feel like this outfit stands out, especially with the little pop of colour from her Supreme T-shirt, which again I may add, has a lil' vintage side with a modern touch.
~  Outfit Details  ~
Nike Socks (Exact)

So, if you want to find out where some of her clothing items are from then I have linked them above, some are the exact items and some are just similar. I hope you all liked this post, and there will be a lot more coming soon. Follow my friends instagram  @y.zandraand also if you want to follow mine @j.akuaa.


  1. Hi I’m really interested in blogging about fashion and music and stuff. Very interested in streetwear especially but I’ve never publicly voiced my opinion on it. Got any tips ?

  2. Hi, I was like that before I started this blog, but really if you're interested in fashion and music then you should definitely try and make a few posts and voice your opinion. The best tip that I can give you is to just give it a go because honestly you'll feel good about it and you never know what kind of feedback you'll get. I'll definitely support you even though I'm not big on blogging. Hope that helped :)

  3. Yeah thanks for the advice, will defo follow up with a few more posts in the next few days. Cheers again

  4. Glad it helped. I'll be looking forward for that then


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