3 Best Streetwear trends of 2017

Monday, 1 January 2018

There has been a lot of trends that have come and gone through the past year, going from things like fishnet tights and fanny packs. Through this all of these hip and outright absurd trends, which surely we have gotten some inspiration from this ever-growing street wear collective. So I thought why not give my opinion on the cool trends in street wear fashion.

Comfy Tracksuit Bottoms - Stay in 2018

My favourite style right now is the 90s look, especially wearing tracksuit bottoms since they are comfy yet stylish, which incorporates the different way they can be worn, and also a lot of tracksuits are unisex so now you can go matching with you bae - Lol.

Instagram - @nnnodle
Insstagram - @nnnoodle

Instagram - @nnnoodle
Instagram- @nnnoodle

I really feel like tracksuits bottoms should stay in 2018, it is the best way to be comfortable and be stylish at the same time, and I know you can not deny that, so let's keep them in 2018 guys.

Officewear mixed with Streetwear - Stay in 2018

My favourite thing is to see officewear transformed into streetwear, just by adding trainers, accessories and layering with oversized items. I hope I still will be seeing a lot of offices wear mixed with streetwear in 2018 and maybe with cooler fabrics like denim and colourful prints.

office streetwear26511044_1618434578223549_951121848_o

90s Streetwear - Stay in 2018

Throughout 2017 there has been a massive comeback of 90s streetwear, and surely this trend will have to last a few more years from now, why? because there has been and will be collaborations between high-end and streetwear brands. I believe that streetwear influences high-end brands, and hopefully this will continue through 2018, definitely, there are items that have to stay like hoodies, coach jackets, fanny packs, long-sleeved t-shirts and trainers, since they do have an important part of a popular fit.

Those are the 3 streetwear trends that I believe are the best of 2017, Of course, there are a lot more trends, but I've just picked out 3 for you. I will be doing another post on three streetwear trends that we should leave in 2017 next week, will be late since its gonna be 2018b when it is posted, but ah well. Don't forget to comment, like and follow me for more posts on streetwear fashion.


  1. I am obsessed with the track suit bottoms and 90s Streetwear. The other trend just doesn’t fit me but I LOVE it on others.

  2. I love my Kappa track pants (currently wearing them as I type) I wish I had the hoodie to match because this burgundy is such a unique color to try and find a match to, i honestly think its their logo that makes me love them though!
    Check out my latest post if you'd like https://wp.me/p9BPRp-1e

  3. I also love my kappa pants having bright red ones make it super difficult to style but I’m on it trying to find ways haha. Glad you liked this I will definitely check you blog out.

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